Thursday, March 26, 2015

How To Avoid Being Killed By The Police

As a public service to the residents of Ferguson, Missouri, and the surrounding areas, below are things you can do to prevent being harmed or possibly killed at the hands of your local police. Don't Smoke Marijuana. Smoking marijuana can make people do stupid things like committing thefts or strong armed robberies. Don't Rob Convenience Stores. Robbing a convenience store is probably one of the dumbest things someone can do, especially if you are under the influence of marijuana. In addition to the convenience store clerk being an eyewitness to the event, almost every store nowadays is equipped with video surveillance cameras. If you shoplift something, like a box of cheap cigars to remove the tobacco and replace it with marijuana, and then manhandle the clerk that confronts you, the misdemeanor petty theft you committed suddenly is elevated to a felony. The police are much more likely to be on the lookout for a robber than a shoplifter. Don't Walk In The Middle Of The Street. Police officers are always concerned with the safety of the citizens they serve. So, when a thoughtful police officer nicely instructs you to walk on the sidewalk, don't give him any grief over it. If you've just robbed a convenience store, this is all the more reason not to walk in the middle of a street as this will automatically attract the attention of a police officer, especially if you match the description of the robber. Don't Hit A Police Officer In The Face With Your Fist. This should be obvious. If you slug a police officer, there's an excellent chance you will get hit with a nightstick and you will soon be outnumbered by other police officers who will come to the original officer's aid. You are guaranteed to be arrested, and resistance is futile. Don't Attempt To Disarm A Police Officer. Nothing gets a police officer's attention more than when you try to relieve him of his handgun, especially if you are physically larger and stronger than the officer. The officer may feel he is in fear of losing the weapon and it will be turned against him. Under this set of circumstances, a grand jury may believe the officer was justified in shooting you in order to stop the threat. Don't Run Away From Your Arresting Officer. If you've just tried to relieve a police officer of his gun, and then decide to run, there's an excellent chance the officer will chase after you to see where you're going so that he and other police officers can arrest you. Just surrender peacefully by following the officer's instructions to lie on the ground, spread your arms away from your body with your palms up, and relax while the police officers place handcuffs on you. Don't Turn Around And Charge At The Police Officer Chasing You. This is particularly true if you are six foot five inches tall and weigh in at about 300 pounds. Charging at a police officer with your head down like a lineman for the St. Louis Rams going after a quarterback, provides a police officer with all the reason he needs to shoot you, especially if you have already assaulted him and tried to steal his gun. Other things you should do and not do to further diminish the chance of being confronted by a police officer is to stay in school, get good grades, get a job, wait until you're married to have children, stay sober and drug free, don't associate with thugs, and stop listening to rap music that promotes violence and hatred. Glad to be of service. You're welcome.

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